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The most appealing aspect of an online casino is definitely the variety of entertainment that is offered there. Stepping into a casino you get to choose whether you want to play some high stakes poker, spend some time at the roulette table, spin the wheel of fortune, or you can just spend some quality time with slot games. Slot games are fun, they are easy to pick up, simple to play, and it is an effortless, single player experience. Most of the games available in an online casino requires the player to socialize, because they are mostly multiplayer games. Players sit around a table, and they interact and battle with each other through cards. Say, in a game of poker, for example, not only is the player required to pay attention to the cards dealt to him, but they also have to focus on playing mind games with the other players and the dealer as well. This can be exhausting for some introverted people, which is what makes slot games such an attractive alternative.


Casinos understand this, which explains why it is common for casinos to place all of the slot games close to the entrance and the exit of an online casino. They want them to be the first thing that someone sees whenever one enters a casino, this is the same for online casinos as well because the home page of any online casino sites is usually filled to the brim with online slot games to choose from. There are a ton of online casinos and online software providers out there that provide way more than a handful of slot games for their players to play, and for relatively new players that had just arrived on the online gambling scene, it can be an overwhelming and often frustrating experience to choose which game to play. Sometimes there are just so many options available it can start to induce a headache!


This is where we come in. The purpose of this site is to help review and recommend all of the amazing slot game content available in the online casino market. We hope that by doing so, we can serve as a guide for newer players in the online casino community to help them identify the good slot games. This way, we can not only help push all the amazing creators in the online casino market into the spotlight, we can also help filter out the bad and unreliable ones; it is, in our opinion, a truly effective way to boost the online casino market, especially in the slot games department.


So, who are we? First and foremost, we are like you, we are gamers. We are extremely passionate about gaming both online and offline. Most of us, we grew up through gaming, it is embedded into our lives. To us, gaming is not only a hobby, it can be a lifestyle. We love the joy of gaming and we wish to spread it, it is one of the goals of creating this site — to make people understand that there is more to gaming than meets the eye, and hope that they can be influenced to join our culture as well.


Second, we are risk seekers. We love the thrill, the excitement and the hype of a gambling game. Gambling is all about taking risks, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t; though we do not believe that gambling is a game that is solely based on luck, we can not deny that luck does play a significant role in it. We have encountered highs and lows by gambling, and we can say with confidence that gambling is seriously a game unlike any other. If you are a gambler yourself, you would understand.


Third, we are writers. Our team consists of 38 people from different countries and backgrounds. We have come together because we share the same passion for both gaming and gambling, and wish to share this passion with our readers.Through writing, we hope to translate our experience in the online gaming world to you, so that you get to experience them as well. We write reviews of slot games, online casinos and real, land based casinos. Our reviews of slot games include the quality of gameplay design, mechanic design, visual design and sometimes audio design. Our review of casinos include the ease of accessibility, the casino design, layout design, customer service, quantity of content offered, amount and quality of promotions, bonuses, and giveaways offered and most importantly, casino security.


When it comes to games, the quality of the gameplay and visual design are our top priority because they determine if the amount of time players are willing to invest into said game. If the winning odds and payout percentage are high but the game is god awful to look at, then it is our opinion that the game is nothing but a waste of time. Sure it can generate profit, but for veteran players like us who have been dwelling in the online gaming community for a long time, we seek for good entertainment, not money. One such online software provider that is guaranteed to create great games with great entertainment value is 918Kiss.


When it comes to reviews of casinos, be it land based or online based, you can bet on the fact that our top priority will be on the casino’s security. Sure, quantity of games is important because it ensures that the player will never get bored or run out of options of games to choose from to keep themselves entertained. Customer service is important too as it makes sure that all customers who had ever entered said casino are satisfied with the experience, the ultimate gaming experience online often comes with superb and flawless customer service, they are both in the same, inseparable package. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to casino security that makes or breaks the casino. No one trusts an unreliable casino with their money, because it will only lead to catastrophe. A casino should be reliable with their security system first and foremost, so that breach of privacy and user information are unheard of, and all casino patrons can game without a slight hint of worry in their minds. One such online casino that we can recommend is SCR888. 


If you too, like us, are extremely passionate about online gaming and slot games, plus you wish to help out with our site, feel free to contact us using the methods provided in the ‘Contact Us’ page. You can send us an email, or contact us via our hotline, whatsapp or even wechat, we will respond within 2 working days. If you’re here because you’re interested in reading up on the amazing world of slot games, do subscribe to us and never miss our updates on interesting and accurate tips and tricks on how to truly excel at slot games. You can also check out our favorite land based casinos to play slot games in, or online casinos that provide tons of lobbies for slot games enthusiasts. Our goal has always been to spread useful knowledge and tweak the public’s opinion on slot games, everything we write and publish, we do it with the readers’ interests in mind.