Trying out new online casinos on the internet can be a risky thing to do, because there are a lot of bad people out there looking to exploit players. This is why you should not do it yourself, and let the experts of the industry review them for you. A good advice for new players in the online casino community is to read up on reviews of the various online casinos available out there in the market, and choose from the list of online casinos that have received good reviews from online casino review sites and blogs such as ours. The reviews we conduct on online casinos include the quality and quantity of their games, casino design, and of course, the most important aspect that is casino security. You can rest assured that all the online casinos we recommend are safe to use, here are a few examples of all the approved online casinos we have found in Malaysia:



All of the games available at Winclub88 are truly great. Working with online software providers such as Allbet, Sexy Baccarat, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Gameplay Interactive, you can certainly bet that every minute spent with Winclub88 is going to be a great time. Players that join Winclub88 are expected to be glued to their phones because all of the live table games available on their site are just so addicting, you are definitely going to lose track of time once you are in there. Winclub88 is rated at four out of five stars online.



Next approved Malaysian online casinos is Regal88. It is another trusted online casino in Malaysia that features wonderful games and wonderful prizes. They have live casino suites and slot suites all waiting for you to join, no hassle and no queues required. The progressive jackpot at Regal88 is insane, every minute spent not playing games with Regal88 is a minute wasted. You just might be the next winner to secure the bag and finally make it to become a millionaire. Regal88 is rated at four out of five stars online.



BK8, or bolaking, might just be the most popular entry we have on the list. It is already a household name for Malaysian players at this point. It does not matter if you are into sports betting, slot games, live table games or fishing games, BK8 has them all. The reputation of BK8 certainly precedes them as they are actually considered to be the most secure and trusted online betting platform in Malaysia, featuring two factor authentication and biometric authentication on their BK8 app. When even football legend Robin Van Persie himself had signed up to become the brand ambassador to help promote BK8 all across the world, you know this is not just another ordinary online casino that we are dealing with. BK8 is rated at five out of five stars.



Next approved Malaysian online casinos is QQclub has a wide variety of games drawn from a wide variety of sources. All of the most prominent online software providers across Asia had partnered up with QQclub to bring you the best, top quality games that they have to offer. Some examples of these online software providers include Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Gameplay Interactive and Sexy Baccarat. The online casino community had rated QQClub a solid four out of five stars.



Boasting a top speed transaction process and stable serves, Royal77 is the only place where you can gamble like a king. No waiting time, no breach of security, and none of that head scratching, frustrating lag that will only ruin the gaming experience. The winter campaign that Royal77 is currently running is offering up to 450kMYR for their players to win. With such a large amount of money up for grabs, it would be a massive missed opportunity to not join them when the majority of Malaysian players have already signed up with them. Royal77 is rated at four out of five stars.



Next approved Malaysian online casinos is ECLBet. It is one of the top ranking approved online casinos in Malaysia and Singapore. It does not matter if you are not into sports betting, although sports betting is arguably their best feature, because ECLBet also offers amazingly accurate sports match predictions for their members. They have experts working on the clock to bring you the latest football match analysis, all for free! If you are interested in signing up with ECLBet now would be the perfect time, because their soccer prediction event is coming soon! ECLBet is rated at four out of five stars.



Who doesn’t love a good slot game? We sure do. Not many online casinos out there that are so dedicated to serving as a platform that is mainly focused on slot games, and we are certainly grateful to have 96slots here with us. Needless to say, all of the slot games available on 96slots are nothing but the best. All of the games offered there are handpicked by staff and curated to the members’ tastes and demands. The rating of 96slots on the internet is a perfect five out of five stars.



KKSlots77 has some of the best promotions, offers and event bonuses available in the market. All of the promotions that they offer do not come with strict prerequisite conditions unlike other online casinos, their turnover rate is also some of the best in the market. It is almost impossible to not make a profit if you are gaming with KKslots77, now that’s what we call to heaven for slot game lovers. KKslots77 is now rated at four out of five stars.



BK8 aside, Dafabet is the most secure online betting platform on the internet. High payout casino games, asian themed slot games, it is almost as if the entire online casino was created for the sole purpose of pleasing the Malaysian online casino community. It is a shame though that not many people have heard of Dafabet, we hope that now you have read about them you will at least give them a chance to impress you with their wide selection of great games. Dafabet is rated at four out of five stars.



12Bet is all about the betting experience, they do not only focus on the wide range of products catering to all types of players from Malaysia, they also pour in a genuinely impressive amount of effort into polishing their customer service. For the team working at 12bet, customer satisfaction is top priority, and we can help guarantee that anyone who had ever visited 12bet will definitely leave with a smile on their face. The online casino is now rated at four out of five stars.


Did you see anything you like from this list? We would like to hear your feedback. If your favorite online casino is not on this list, it does not immediately mean that the online casino is not approved by us. For more details you can check out our review section to read up on what we have to say about the online casinos that you frequently visit. It is important that you choose to support an online casino that cares about their customers, or else it will only bring more harm than good to the online casino community. 


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