There are a lot of online casinos out there, this is because online gaming has become an extremely competitive market. Just this year alone we had observed a total of 35 new online casinos that emerged onto the market, and this is only limited to the local market that is Asia and excludes foreign markets such as Europe and the Americas. For new players who had just decided to hop on the bandwagon and join in on the online gambling hype, it is certainly overwhelming to see that there are just so many options to choose from. On both Google and the mobile app store, searching for online casinos to download and play in will yield pages upon pages of results, all of them fighting for the user’s attention. So, how does the user determine which online casino is most suitable for them to play? Well, this is where reviews come in. Here at our blog, we are always looking out for online casinos in the market and review them for our readers. We cover everything from famous, international online casinos to obscure local online casinos. We even write reviews on real-life casinos all around the world. 


Today, we will be looking at bolaking, also known as BK8. BK8 is considered to be a trusted online casino, and is very prevalent in the Asian continent, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The entertainment content that they offer at BK8 is impressive, the online casino has definitely shown that one of their strengths lie in the variability of their games, by surveying the BK8 app we found a bunch of slot games, fishing games, lottery games, baccarat and other live table games, all provided by famous and well-liked online software providers. For example, we have SpadeGaming and Playtech. It is insane that BK8 manages to provide all of these containers to their casino patrons while simultaneously acting as a platform for all sorts of sports betting ranging from virtual sports betting to e-sports betting. Out of all the things that are offered on the site, we must comment on just how impressive their collection of slot games are. BK8 features online slot games from trusted online sources such as Mega888, 918Kiss and SCR888 Online Slots Game, all well-known for providing top quality products curated to the customers’ taste. The three online software providers are often ranked as the top online gaming companies by various other online casino review sites and blogs, and certainly for good reason. The games that they provide not only have unlimited entertainment value but they are known to have a top-notch design, interesting visuals and tested for gameplay fairness as well. Some examples of these delicious slot games include Reel Classic,  Monkey Story, Battle World, and what is probably our favourite slot game of all time, the Pokemon Slot game! 


The live casino experience at BK8 is no joke as well, you can tell that the developers at BK8 had poured in their heart and soul to craft the perfect table experience for their customers. At BK8, you get to sit at live table games right opposite dealers. Yes, the dealing is done face to face, achieved through state of the art streaming technology. This raises the immersion level of their games off the charts, no wonder so many people love to come to BK8 to gamble. Immersion is everything when it comes to casino, the excitement, the hype, the euphoric feeling are all generated from good immersion, people come here to have fun, and fun is what they will get.


BK8 draw their fishing games from four providers. They are Fishing God, GG Fishing, PT Fishing and SA Fishing. Though fishing games are not their main feature, it is impressive nonetheless. All of the fishing games available on their site are rated by the online fishing game enthusiasts at four to five out of five stars. We’ve tried out some of the fishing games listed on the BK8 app and we certainly agree with this rating, the visuals, the gameplay mechanics and the themes surrounding the fishing games are all very interesting.


Next we come to the sports betting section at BK8. At BK8, sports betting are separated into three categories, and they are i-sports, c-sports and virtual sports. Players can choose whichever category they wish to participate in and start betting right away. BK8 offers winning odds unlike any other online casino when it comes to sports betting, one can say that they are the king of sports betting platform in Asia, simply due to the fact that they boast the largest player base, and that the exquisite reviews, matchup analysis and score predictions that they provide for their readers draw in even more crowds. All of the articles published by BK8 are written by professionals and veterans in the sports industry, so their opinions are extremely valued within the sports betting community. What’s more, you can actually read them for free at the BK8 website!


The promotions at BK8 are to die for. You can make a large fortune every day at BK8 because they constantly throw out free cash and free credits giveaways for their patrons. Just this Christmas alone they are offering two exclusive promotions for their loyal members to enjoy, they are: the Christmas Free Spin Giveaway and Loyal Member Reward, to name a few. You can visit BK8my.com/promotion to find out more about the bonuses you can receive as a BK8 member.


Sure, an online casino that provides a ton of good games really does sound attractive, but now we come to the most important question of them all: Is BK8 safe to play? The short answer is, yes, of course, your information is safe at BK8’s hands! BK8 is accredited and licensed by multiple accreditation agents and organizations ranging from PAGCOR to BMM and GoDaddy.com. This is how you know when an online casino is legit, they will display their operating licenses for all to see. Transparency is what we should look for when we search for an online casino we can trust, and you can bet on the fact that BK8 is one of the, if not the most trusted and reliable online casino in Asia.


The conclusion that we can draw here is that, yes, BK8 is really as good as they say. They offer a large variety of amazing games, they have superb customer service, the design of the online casino is neat and appealing, the prizes, bonuses, and promotions offered by the casino is drool-inducing and eye-popping, to say the least. What’s more, the football legend and goal-scoring genius, Robin Van Persie, had also signed up as a brand ambassador for BK8. When even someone as famous as Robin Van Persie is willing to attach his name to help promote an online casino, you know that this is an outstanding site to hang out at. We can not recommend that you check out BK8 enough, it is the perfect online casino that provides the ultimate gaming and betting experience. Be sure to download the BK8 app today, available on both Apple and Google Play Store, or risk getting left behind.


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