Wednesday, 8 Dec 2021




Online casinos are known to provide promotions, bonuses and other forms of rewards to serve as attraction for players to support their online casinos. In the online casino industry, promotions are one of the most prominent features in an online casino that can make them stand out. Many online casinos on the internet provide a ton of free credits and rewards for their players, but none of them are doing it like Mega888. Only at Mega888 will they actually pay you to play their games, it is a guaranteed net profit every day for a player to hang out at Mega888, this is because Mega888 simply operates on a set of totally different business rules and models compared to other competitors in the market.


Mega888 is an online casino that truly believes having the superior service makes them the superior online casino among the rest, and they are not wrong. Many players look to online casino service for evaluation, customer satisfaction usually derives from the service they receive, and less from the entertainment content provided. Yet this is not to say Mega888 provides less superior games, in fact, they are far from that. The high quality games provided at Mega888 are one of the main reasons why Mega888 is ranked among the top 10 best online casinos on the internet, after all. 


As mentioned before, the promotions and bonuses available at Mega888 are countless. A day not claiming these special promotions and free credits would mean precious credits wasted. New players might ask, how to gain access to these free credits? The first obvious answer is to first join the Mega888 family, since the promotions and bonuses provided by Mega888 are exclusive to Mega888 members only. Mega888 is an app based online casino that is compatible with all platforms, meaning users can download and install the Mega888 app on any device they wish, be it android phones, iphones which run on the IOS, and Windows on the PC or laptop as well. Mega888 is available for download on either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Interested users can also download the Mega888 app using the dedicated download platform at Simply follow the instructions provided at the site to successfully download the apk file for the Mega888 app and install the app onto your phone!


Creating a Mega888 account is simple and easy, users can choose to register an account manually or ask for a Mega888 agent by contacting the Mega888 customer service team to create an account. Having an account is of course, essential to receiving free credits from Mega888. The final step is the easiest, simply go to the promotion tab and click the drop down menu to browse all the exclusive promotions and bonuses that can be claimed by your account. Some promotions on Mega888 have a prerequisite, such as having made your first deposit, so be sure to take note of the terms and conditions carefully.


Free credits are directly proportionate to the deposit made by the Mega888 account, the more you deposit, the more free credits you can get from Mega888!