Newtown Online Casino Review

Newtown Online Casino Review

Newtown Online Casino Review


Online casinos have taken over the traditional casinos. Now, people get to play gambling games online, at the comfort of their homes. This helps them avoid the hassle of going from their homes to a casino. Many countries have introduced online casinos for their users.

The Newtown Malaysian Casino came into emergence to meet to demands of online casino players. It features various fun and exciting games which keep the players interested and coming back for more. The initial experience is exciting for players as they’re given a hefty bonus by the website. This ensures these players will come back and play to receive more prizes but that’s not the only reason. Let’s look at Newtown review and what makes it unique.


Casino games

This online casino has abundant games available on its website. You can choose whichever one you want according to your preference! It’s not just the game of your preference but it also features different themes along with the likes of popular movies and TV-shows. You can choose whichever version of the game you like.

Along with having various games at your disposal, there are also plenty of jackpot games on the Newtown online casino. The jackpot value is as high as RM5,000,000 which is a huge amount to win when it comes to casino games.


Mobile friendly

Next Newtown review is to ease the players, Newtown Malaysia Online Casino has developed a mobile interface. This allows players to have access to the online casino from their phones, at any time, through an internet connection. You have a portable casino at all times, in your hands!

Software introduced is compatible with all sorts of brands of phones. This ensures that there is no discrimination against any player based on the brand of their phone. It can be accessed easily through any phone.

The theme of the website match that of an actual casino, the same theme is also there on the mobile interface. Navigating across the interface using your mobile is also easy as access to games can be done with no issues.

The signing up process may take longer if you are using your mobile phone as pop-ups interfere in the process. It is advisable to use your desktop for initial registration and signing up. 


Live casinos

The recent introduction of live casinos has gained quite the attention of players! You can now have proper interactions with dealers and have a real casino experience with the ease of your phone.


Customer service and Payment procedures

Newtown Malaysia online casino is a well-known casino that you can trust. All their dealings are transparent and there is excellent customer support service available. The online casino updates its technology to ensure that your deposits are safe and secure. Players are given the option to choose any banking method which is available in Malaysia.


Newtown Malaysia Online Casino has gained popularity amongst its players across the world based on the features it has. It has made online casinos convenient for players by establishing a mobile interface and providing many games for its players. It doesn’t end here, they intend to keep updating their websites and interface to ensure quality games for its players.


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Newtown Online Casino Review
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