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In the online world, there are tons and tons of online casinos available for an online player to choose from. Out of all the options available, QQClub definitely has a place in our top 10 list of online casinos out there. Here’s why:


When we talk about Malaysia’s most trusted online casino, we must always mention QQClub. This is because there are only very few online casinos in the industry that pour as much effort into providing a reliable service for their patrons as QQClub. QQClub wants to be trusted by their players above anything else, this is why the developers at QQClub continuously work hard to optimize and polish their site. You can see this from the casino’s security, among other positive traits. QQClub’s security is top notch because they make it almost impossible for your account or identity to be stolen. Online casinos require players to sign up with their real information, this is why security is extremely important when evaluating the reliability of a certain casino. A breach of user information or privacy is unheard of from QQClub, throughout their five year run starting from an obscure and small site to play games to one of the top trending online casinos every month in Malaysia, users have been able to play tons of great games at their site without having to worry about their safety. The casino has a sophisticated information verification process and secure encoding systems, not to mention the two factor authentication that comes with signing in on the QQClub mobile app. 


Speaking of games, QQClub has an impressive collection of games that are guaranteed to wow every user. It does not matter if you prefer to play slot games or card games, QQClub has all of them. No one will feel bored or left out as a QQClub member because the selection of games on their site is endless, they are constantly updating their site with new content almost every month. With giant online software providers such as Playtech, Gameplay Interactive, Joker, SpadeGaming and of course, our favorite online software provider currently operating in the industry — 918Kiss, you can bet on the fact that the quality of all of their games is going to be top level stuff. We particularly favor their slot games, as all of them are so smooth to play, and feature unique yet interesting themes. Take Savage Jungle and the Reel series for example, Savage Jungle is a wildlife based slot game with neon colored aesthetics, meanwhile the Reel series that includes Fire Reel, Water Reel and Metal Reel each feature peerless visual design that hooks the player in the moment they are launched. The aforementioned games are all supplied by Playtech.


All in all, we consider QQClub to stand in parallel with all the major online casinos now operating at the international market. If you like great quality games, great security, user friendly casino design and superb customer service, then QQClub should be your number one choice.


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