Have you heard of Regal88? Revenue wise, Regal88 is not very outstanding. However, we have noticed that is one of the top trending online casino in Malaysia this month, this means that it has attracted a lot of attention in the online casino community. Today, we will take a look at just what makes Regal88 such an attractive online casino. Before we can deduce if an online casino can be trusted, or in other words, is a downright reliable online casino, there are a few features that we need to assess. 


Looking at Regal88’s portfolio, it is abundantly clear that the online casino is not short of games. With famous and adored online software providers from all around the world such as Playtech, Immersive Asia, Asia Gaming, and Gameplay Interactive backing the online casino, you can bet on the fact that when you are a Regal88 member, you will certainly not run out of options to choose from. We are happy to say that the game collection at Regal88 is both massive and impressive. They feature all sorts of online entertainment content ranging from slot games, fishing games to live table experiences such as Poker, Baccarat and Blackjack. At Regal88, you can rely on their stable streaming service for a great and immersive live table experiences. Whether you prefer single player or multiplayer game, Regal88 has just the right content for you. 


Regal88 might still be a small online casino compared to more reputable online casinos out there, but they are also currently the fastest growing online casino in Asia. This means that with its current progress in the market, Regal88 will catch up with the top 10 international online casinos in no time. Regal88’s certainly deserves this, as by being a Regal88 member it is easy to tell that they truly care for their patrons. They have an attractive casino design, easy to access and navigate. The games that they feature on their site are all curated to their fan bases’ preferences and tastes.


The online casino is available in two different languages: English and Mandarin. The customer support is nothing but superb. They have live chat sessions that are open 24/7 so that no customer complaints, demands or questions go unheard or unaddressed. You can also choose to have a private message with their customer support team for a shorter and more direct communication channel, be it via whatsapp, wechat or email. 


The only downside of playing with Regal88 would be their somewhat unstable payment method. It seems that they are some banks that are incompatible with Regal88’s deposit or withdrawal process, and it is important that consumers that are interested in joining the Regal88 family look into this before making the decision. Make sure you contact customer support to ask if your bank is able to make payments to the online casino. Besides that, they are no other complaints as both the deposit and withdrawal process at Regal88 are swift, smooth and downright satisfying.


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